Caixa launches new benefits for female customers

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To mark a month of operation of the Caixa Pra Elas program, implemented in more than 1,000 Caixa Econômica Federal units, the bank’s president, Daniella Marques, announced a series of advantages for women in products and services.

“We joined forces with the federal government so that Caixa embraced the cause of women. Caixa today has 72,900,000 women customers and has a social vocation in which we want to deepen our operations”, said the president.

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Among the novelties, Caixa now has a reduction in interest rates on credit lines, a pause in the payment of loan installments in the event of maternity or adoption, exemption from fees, investments with differentiated profitability, care and assistance in credit card insurance. credit, among others.

The bank is already offering reduced interest rates to women. In the Individuals modality, customers who contract the CDC will have a 5% discount on the interest rate. In the consortium for light vehicles, the discount is 10% on the administration fee.

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Caixa’s president, Daniella Marques, highlighted that the bank is working on three pillars aimed at the female audience: preventing and combating violence against women, promoting entrepreneurship and product development. “We want to encourage women to understand that concerns for the future have to do with financial planning”.

By the end of the year, the idea is to implement the Caixa Pra Elas program in more than 4,000 units across the country. And according to the president, Daniella Marques, there is already an advanced conversation with the Central Única de Favelas. The idea is to close a strategic partnership for the bank to act as a promoter of entrepreneurship within the communities. “Caixa Favela Empreendedora should be launched at the end of this month,” said Daniella Marques.

The “Caixa Praelas” initiative was launched on August 9 and the service can be carried out in person, virtual and itinerant, as in agency trucks and boat agencies. The Caixa Tem application makes the program available and the bank’s customers have already made 16 million, five hundred thousand unique accesses.

Source: CNN Brasil

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