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“Calm down, Calabreso”: Toninho Tornado claims authorship of phrase used by Davi

Toninho Tornado, 50, claimed authorship of the term “calabreso” recently popularized after being mentioned by Davi Brito, 21, on BBB 24. The comedian filed a representation with the INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property) to prevent the catchphrase from being registered by someone else.

“The term has been used by Toninho Tornado in his professional/artistic activities since 2018”, states a note released by his advisor, which highlights that the artist is “nationally recognized for his catchphrases that insert the letter 'O' at the end of words in your pranks.”

After the recent popularization of the term, Instituto Maria Preta filed a request to register the term with INPI . The institution would be linked to Mani Rego, Davi Brito's wife at the time, and would have made the request in February, even before the end of the program, according to the record.

With this, the representative of Toninho Tornado took a position against the request , also activating the organ. The institute was contacted by the report, but has not yet responded.

“Requesting the registration of the brand demonstrates the clearest intention to misuse the catchphrase and the attempt to obtain financial gains from something created by another artist violates standards of ethical conduct, violating the copyright rights guaranteed by the Copyright Law”, he points out. artist's advice.

Source: CNN Brasil

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