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The UN will continue to support communities in Kosovo to overcome mistrust

The UN Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo was the focus of the UN Security Council meeting. Briefing Council members, the Secretary-General's Special Representative and Head of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, Caroline Ziadeh, noted that in recent months “tensions have simmered” due to the inability to address long-standing issues through proper communication and dialogue, whether between Pristina and Belgrade or between the Kosovo Serb communities and the central authority of Pristina. Ms Ziadeh stressed that the full implementation of EU agreements has become an increasingly pressing priority in order to help alleviate the ongoing series of crises in Kosovo and that it is of the utmost importance for both sides to remain committed to their constructive commitment to meet practical compromises according to the Athens News Agency. “UNMIK will continue to use its full resources, in cooperation with the United Nations team on Kosovo and the many […]
Source: News Beast

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