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Calviño defends that in Brussels “it does not matter” that Bildu is a partner of the Government: “The anomalous thing is not having Budgets”

“In Europe it does not matter who is a partner in the government.” In this way, the vice president of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calvio, has ruled out that in Brussels it is a problem that Bildu support the Government in the General State Budgets. “I could elaborate more, but I give you a very clear answer: we are immersed in our circumstances and in the noise of each day, but outside of Spain they do not pay attention to these questions,” he defended in an interview with Zero Wave. And in fact, what is “anomalous”, he added, is not having some accounts and that the ones that the then Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro drew up in 2018, remain in force.

The decision of the Abertzale group to support the Government has drawn numerous criticisms, both in the opposition and in the PSOE itself. In in the viejo and also in the new. However, the Executive is ignoring this situation and always responding that the ideal is that the largest number of political forces possible support the accounts. Including the Popular Party

And Calvià ± o has maintained that discourse despite the fact that his economic proposals are probably much closer to Ciudadanos or the PP itself than to those defended by Bildu or ERC. But even so, the vice president did not want to miss the opportunity to criticize these two forces and their partners in Podemos, which yesterday amended their own accounts together with the two pro-independence formations.

There are actions that what they seek is to gain visibility” Calvio pointed out when questioned about this situation, while stressing that this is something he has observed on more than one occasion since he joined the Government from Brussels. This statement coincides with what Socialist government sources point out, who accuse Podemos of attacking budgets that “are also theirs” and of carrying out measures to “put pressure at the last minute.”

In the opinion of these sources, the formation of Churches would be replicating what it did, for example, just one day before the Budget project was approved in the Council of Ministers. That monday and with the yellow book printed, Podemos launched a rocket whereby he demanded a commitment to regulate the rent and even threatened to prevent the approval of the accounts.

They did not like the forms or the moment, and it is exactly the same as it happens with Iglesias’ decision to present an amendment together with the two independentist formations to prohibit evictions. “They are not the forms”, summary from the Government.

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