The Governing Council today approves the budget project without an agreement closed with Vox

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The Governing Council of the Board will approve today Wednesday the draft Budget of Andalusia for 2021, which will amount to more than 40,000 million euros and which will be adapted to the demands derived from the coronavirus pandemic, without an agreement closed with Vox.

The project, which tomorrow the Executive will deliver to the president of the autonomous Parliament, Marta Bosquet, will be approved a week later than usual and no agreement closed, unlike the last two exercises, with Vox, external partner of the Andalusian Government of coalition between the PP and Ciudadanos.

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Despite the fact that part of the project had already been negotiated with Vox for weeks, the talks they were suspended by the Santiago Abascal party as a result of the intervention of the national leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, in the debate on the motion of no confidence against Pedro Sanchez.

The Andalusian Executive has tried to file roughness and, on several occasions, he has stressed that Vox is the “first door” to call in the negotiation of budgets.

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“He is a parliamentary partner who has shown responsibility and high-mindedness in the decisions taken in Andalusia,” said the Minister of the Presidency, Elías Bendodo, a few days ago.

At the same time, the partners of the Andalusian Government have reiterated appeals so that all parliamentary groups join and that the accounts can be approved unanimously at a time as delicate as the current one due to the pandemic.

In recent weeks, meetings and contacts have been held with all parties with this objective.

The secretary general of the PSOE-A, Susana DÃaz, has offered on several occasions the “outstretched hand” of his party to settle the accounts, and he has urged the Andalusian Government to choose between the socialist votes or those of the extreme right.

Just yesterday, the deputy spokesman for the socialist group and former counselor of the Presidency, Manuel Jimà nez Barrios, said in Cadiz that ” responsibility and commitment to Andalusia “are willing to vote in favor of the PP and Cs government budget, as long as they” shield public health, public education and create jobs “.

Meanwhile, Adelante AndalucÃa has demanded that the Andalusian Government establish a “social shield” in the 2021 regional budgets for what it has presented 17 proposals designed to protect public services, modernize the economy and protect citizens in exceptional times.

Vox, waiting

For his part, the spokesman for Vox, Alejandro Hernandez, said that “if now they are negotiating with other political formations in search of that desired unanimity What we do is wait for them to tell us if they reach an agreement with the PSOE or Adelante Andaluca to see if it is an agreement that we can take on “.

It will be during parliamentary processing of the budgets when the possible agreements are finalized, although the foreseeable thing is that the Andalusian accounts for 2021 will once again bear the seal of the PP, Ciudadanos and Vox.

In addition to a 3 percent rise compared to the 2020 Budgets, the Chairman of the Board, Juanma Moreno, has advanced that next year the decrease in the autonomous section of the IRPF and that no taxes will be raised in Andalusia.

Moreno also advanced some details of the Budget, in his recent intervention in the debate on the state of the community, such as the inclusion of an item to finance the first demolition works of the old hotel Algarrobico.

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