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Calviño reiterates his opposition to limiting rents: “Simplifying complex problems does not help us solve them”

The rental price limitation keeps the Government partners divided and in a key week for the negotiation of the future Housing Law, the President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, has once again made clear its opposition to that measure. “Simplifying complex problems does not help us solve them,” he synthesized.

This is not the first time that Calvià ± o has expressed his disagreement with the rent cap. He did it from the first moment United we can He put the measure on the table and has reiterated it now, just when the discussion puts in tension the government agreement between PSOE and United We Can. “It seems more concrete and effective to say that we are going to increase the number of homes in the social fund by 26,000, working with banks, Sareb and other types of owners, than try to generate controversy on issues that are highly debatable “, has responded in an interview with the program La hora de La 1, on RTVE.

In the intervention, Calvià ± o also expressed his doubts about the efficacy of a measure of this type and assured that the way forward is not to intervene directly in the market but to increase the housing available to the population. “It’s about making sure that if a measure is put in place, it is really effective […] Simplify and think that you can limit rents and that solves all the problems, no “, he assured.

His position is aligned with that of the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Josà © Luis Ãbalos, which these weeks leads the socialist position in the negotiations on the future Housing Law.

The dialogue is on the verge of rupture before the frontal collision that his team maintains with the purple block led by Ione Belarra. The latter propose to intervene directly in the prices of stressed areas to stop the price escalation; they demanded it in the Government agreement and later, in the agreement to support the 2021 PGE.

The PSOE, which initially promised to comply with it, is now suspicious of how to carry it out and these differences have raised the tension between one party and another. The situation is so complicated that this week a meeting at the highest level is scheduled between the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Vice President, Pablo Iglesias, to try to bring positions closer together and find alternatives to redirect the conversations.

ERC and EH Bildu they have joined the pressure on Ãbalos by presenting a request in the Congress of Deputies to request the appearance of the minister “to report on the government’s plan to legislate to limit the rental price.”

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