Camila Cabello celebrates her body on TikTok and earns respect from all over the internet

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Lately, Camila Cabello has been the target of criticism for her body, as some consider that she is overweight, others think that she lost interest in taking care of herself and some more call her lazy. However, this is something that the singer is not interested in, as she is comfortable with her silhouette and this was demonstrated in a recent video on TikTok.

In the clip, the singer gave a valuable lesson in self-acceptance, earning the respect of her own and strangers, making it clear that she has nothing to fear, hide or feel ashamed of, since she feels grateful for the figure that she now maintains. . In addition, he assured that as long as she loves herself, the rest does not matter.

A few months ago Camila was harshly criticized when she was seen taking a walk on the beach. The press was quick to criticize his body and haters they did the same. Fortunately, their fans They came to the rescue and she taught them a lesson.

However, the harassment of his figure has not stopped. She was recently seen exercising in a local park in Los Angeles, California, while wearing a pair of leggings tight and a top that exposed her abdomen, which is why she was criticized again. But she answered again, although now she did it in an epic way, leaving in her wake a great lesson in self-acceptance and putting a definitive halt to those who believe they have the right to judge her only by her physique, diminishing her talent, potential and other virtues. .


i luv my body

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Camila responded with a short video on TikTok, in which she mentioned that she initially felt self-conscious about her appearance, but later reminded herself why she is proud and grateful for her body.

I was running in the park minding my own business, trying to get fit, trying to stay healthy, and I was wearing a T-shirt that shows my tummy. I wasn’t tucking my belly in because I was running and existing as a normal person who doesn’t have a belly tucked in all the time. And I was like ‘damn it’. But then I reminded myself that being at war with your body is the last season.

I am grateful for this body that allows me to do what I have to do. We are real women with curves, cellulite, stretch marks and fat, and we have to own that, honey.

The video has been viewed more than 17.5 million times, accumulating comments of support and gratitude from those who still struggle with their physique. His posture reminds us that we are all perfect, that our value is not defined by a size, but by the self-love we have for ourselves.

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