Camilo’s fans no longer want Evaluna at their concerts; their relationship seems toxic

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40 days after Indigo came to the lives of Camilo and Evaluna, the singer began his tour From inside to outsidewith which he has toured countries in Europe, the United States and Mexico.

Their concerts usually arrive at sold out of tickets in a matter of minutes. However, his fans They have begun to complain about his performance on stage, since he usually appears with his daughter and wife. In addition, there are times when Evaluna sings with him and not everyone likes it, so a campaign has been launched on social networks, asking him to put aside her role as husband and father while he works.

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In the controversial petition you can read comments like “I wanted to go to Camilo’s concert, not Camilo and Evaluna’s”, “I can’t wait to bring his keychain all the time, that’s no longer romantic, it’s toxic”, “Camilo it is better enjoyed alone”, “Why do you always have to make her sing? What dependence ”,“ She is a toxic person who does not let him breathe ”,“ Terrible parents for exposing her daughter like that ”.

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On the contrary, there are those who point out that the way in which Camilo plays his role as a worker, father and husband is perfect, since not everyone has the opportunity to share every second of his life with his loved ones. In addition, the fact that Evaluna goes on stage and delights those present with her sweet voice should be taken as a double award, especially since she and Camilo have several musical duos in her career.

The singers have been indifferent to criticism and requests, deciding to stand firm in the lifestyle and coexistence they have chosen to lead.

I feel very proud of the relationship I have with Evaluna. I have the pleasure of serving her and accompanying her in her blossoming. And she feels lucky to be by my side. The vast majority of our relationship does not fit in social networks. We have tried to be honest with people, opening the window to our reality a little bit.

Source: Okchicas

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