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Campus Party Brazil: event opens with discussion on AI regulation

The 16th edition of the Campus Party Brazil (CPBR16), great festival of technology, entrepreneurship, science and disruption, began this Tuesday (9) with discussions about the Regulatory Framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) . The event takes place until noon on Sunday (14), at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo.

CPBR16 will host the first forum on the Regulatory Framework for Artificial Intelligence. The discussion aims to repeat what was previously done on the Civil Rights Framework for the Internet, also during the event.

“Between 2010 and 2014, we held a forum on the regulatory framework for civil rights on the internet. We discussed the issue within Campus Party for four years. But the threat today is perhaps greater than it was back then, when digital technology was just starting to take off. During this period, we held activities within Campus Party that changed the civil framework. As a result, Brazil was the first country in the world to have a civil regulatory framework for the internet,” recalled Francesco Farruggia, honorary president of the Campus Party Brazil Institute, at a press conference.

“Artificial intelligence is a minefield, with a lot of threats, but millions of opportunities. We have to find a compromise between what to regulate, how to regulate it and what allows it to develop, because there are many advantages. We need to discuss and understand what artificial intelligence we want,” he added.

The new forum promoted at Campus Party will be held over the next three years and starting with the national edition is strategic for the solid development of the debate on the use of AI, highlighted the president.

On this subject, the event will feature thematic panels on AI ethics, data security, social and economic impact; lectures with national and international guests; round tables delving into specific AI topics; and the so-called Future Room, with workshops, brainstorming and dynamics to create an effective regulatory framework.

After these discussions that will take place in the forums, a manifesto should be issued to be sent to the National Congress, with the bases of what is intended for the creation of a civil framework on artificial intelligence.

“Generally, when regulations are introduced, it is a political moment, in which society cannot participate. This is happening all over the world. These are imposed regulations. But here we are making a counter movement. In few parts of the world are we seeing this as a movement by civil society, where it takes the initiative to bring together small groups of experts and also government to debate this issue,” said Ricardo Cappra, founder of the Cappra Institute for Data Science, which will participate in and promote the forum.

This year, Campus Party Brasil is expected to be visited by over 100,000 people, including 10,000 campuseiros, as those who pay to access exclusive content at the event are called. Half of them will camp out at Expo Center Norte.

According to Tonico Novaes, CEO of Campus Party, around 70 caravans from all over the country are expected at this edition of the festival.

“The caravans come from all states in Brazil. They come from universities, federal institutes and, sometimes, from communities that come together online and take advantage of Campus Party to come together in person. Coming to Campus Party is not a decision made on impulse: you make this decision together. Coming with the community and your group is already part of the purpose of the event,” he said in an interview with Agência Brasil.

With information from Agência Brasil.

Source: CNN Brasil

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