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Can Alok’s laser burn a cell phone camera? Handbook of the World explains

After DJ Alok’s gigantic show in Copacabana last Saturday (26th) and with two more shows scheduled in São Paulo, one of them at The Town festival on September 3rd, a video from Manual do Mundo, the biggest science and technology channel Technology from Latin America, again drew attention: could the lasers used on stage damage a cell phone camera?

This subject had a lot of repercussions in 2022, when DJ Alok performed at Rock in Rio, and a fan reported that the lighting of the show damaged his cell phone camera sensor.

At the time, the musician spoke and explained that he knows the risks of the laser, that’s why they are pointed upwards, so as not to reach the public.

If you want to understand why this happens, check out the video at the end of this article. In it, Iberê Thenório and the Manual do Mundo team deliberately damage a camera using a laser.

What is the laser exactly?

Laser is the acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (light magnification by stimulated emission of radiation). In practice, it is an amplified and concentrated light, that is, a lot of energy directed towards a single point. That’s why it forms that beautiful and colorful beam on the concert stages.

But as the light emitted by a laser concentrates a lot of energy even at a distance, it is indeed capable of hurting our eyes, bursting bladders or damaging devices. Because of this, it is very important to be careful and never point the laser into someone else’s eyes.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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