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Can you be vegan over the age of 65?

The consumption of meat globally it’s decreasing progressively, pushed by ethical reasons related to the killing of animals but also from one greater collective awareness how much farming and slaughtering impact on the health of the planet.

In the face of this trend which now seems consolidated and the reasons behind it are undoubtedly important, before completely eliminating meat and food of animal origin from one’s diet it is It’s important to ask yourself how much this can impact your health.

Vegan diet and old age

According to a recent study US, one vegan diet would not be eg suitable for people over a certain age because the lack of some items it would help make the bones less resistant and would favor the onset of sarcopeniathe weakening of muscle mass and strength associated with the aging of the human body.

To avoid this epilogue, after the age of 65, the intake of noble proteins from meat should be increasedwhich unlike the vegetable ones considered less complete, have the power to prevent muscle weakening.

In light of this, the study therefore indicates that it is preferable not to undertake a vegan diet in old age, especially by people with reduced mobility.

The risks related to an exclusively plant-based diet are mainly given by essential amino acid deficiencies. Furthermore, over the years we often encounter digestive difficulties and it is better to favor foods with a high nutritional efficiency and which are easy to digest and assimilate, such as meat, and products of animal origin.

The supremacy of the Mediterranean Diet

According to geriatrician and chief physician of the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, Francesco Landi «The study says very interesting things that can open to new considerations. However I think in agreement with your doctor and always monitor your health, everyone can carry on the type of diet they deem most suitable for itself”.

This, however, without losing sight of a very important aspect. “The only one diet recognized in the world scientifically beneficial on so many aspects, including bone and muscle health, is diet Mediterranean. A vegan diet that does not include the intake of any element of animal origin risks depriving, especially those who continue it for a long time, of proteins that cannot always be replaced by vegetable ones».

However, proteins are not the only elements that play an important role in the health of muscles and bones. «In fact, other components such as the iron and the vitamin B12 present in white and red meat, fish, eggs, milk and cheese».

The choice to eat only foods of plant origin is therefore very respectable but not without possible risks. “The I don’t recommend it regardless but I repeat that it is the combination of macro and micro nutrients present in the right doses in the Mediterranean Diet that provides the necessary contributions to keep bones and muscles healthy and strong. Any other alternative choice needs to make up for the shortcomings by including the intake of specific supplements in one’s daily life”.

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