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Candidate says he was rejected in the selection process for not responding to the recruiter within 15 minutes

Project consultant Victor Barrios published a statement on his social media to vent about the return of a vacancy in a selection process in which he was rejected after taking more than 15 minutes to respond to the recruiter.

The professional had sent him a message inviting him to participate in the selection process and apply for a Project Management (PMO) position. However, according to him, the message did not contain any additional information, description of activities, benefits or requirements for the position.

Approximately an hour later, Victor responded to the professional, requested more information and stated that he was interested in participating in the process. “Can you tell us a little more about the opportunity? If you prefer, we can schedule a time for a call,” he added.

However, after sending his message, Victor did not receive any response from the recruiter and, after about a week, he decided to contact the professional again. “I would like to know if there is still interest in my profile”, asked the candidate.

In response, the recruiter claimed that the company decided to move forward with other profiles to continue the position, which raised doubts in Victor, who questioned the professional about why his profile had been discarded, in addition to requesting feedback to understand why he had been rejected in the process.

Along with the statement, Victor published a screenshot showing the dialogue between him and the recruiter, in which it is possible to see that the professional states that for the vacancy, the company would be looking for “proactive profiles with a sense of urgency”.

So, her justification would be that only candidates who responded to the first message [enviada por ela] within 15 minutes they would have been selected.

“This was the feedback I got, even though no one even asked for my resume or talked to me, they decided that I am not proactive and that I have no sense of urgency, after all it took me an hour to respond to the message,” the candidate posted.

Victor has been a project consultant for approximately five years and has a degree in Information Security and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Project Management and Agile Methodologies. According to Barrios, after the recruiter got back to him, he felt “indignant”, chose not to justify himself to her and decided to end the conversation at that moment.

In his post, Victor also told other recruiters that the assessment of a candidate’s qualifications should not be based on the response time to a message. He also claimed that being “open to work” does not mean that candidates no longer have other responsibilities and obligations.

“This prevents us from having our cell phones in our hands 24 hours a day to promptly respond to a message. Being ‘open to work’ is very frustrating, whether due to the lack of feedback from the selection processes or the absurd feedback”, concluded the candidate in his statement.

*Under supervision of Bruno Laforé

Source: CNN Brasil

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