Candles: all the (good) scents of Christmas 2021

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If we asked you what Christmas smells like everyone would certainly give a different answer. The party that par excellence is linked to childhood, when the olfactory baggage of each of us takes shape, is more than ever associated with the memory, of a moment, an emotion, a pleasant sensation, which as adults we are often surprised by to find, often by chance, in the accord of a fragrance, in the aroma of a dessert or simply in the atmosphere that is always a bit special on holidays.

To rediscover those reassuring emotions, at home, Christmas candles become faithful companions of the season, even for those who do not usually use them. Halfway between the world of beauty, due to the affinity with the jus of the fragrances of the heart, and that of home decor, they are perfect gift ideas and satisfy any nose, in search of the most expensive perfumes.

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For example, as every year, the signed limited editions are back Diptyque, purchasable both alone and in a box. This year’s trio includes Flake, an olfactory transposition of snow with its mix of musks and mimosas, Biscuit, spicy like year-end sweets, e Fir, that evokes the mountain woods.

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One of the coffrets proposed by Diptyque for Christmas 2021.

patrick parquet

Christmas of Carthusia, instead, it is encased in a red glass decorated with houses, Christmas trees, reindeer and gift packages, while A Fôret d’Or, signed Goutal, is inspired by returning from a walk in the woods, when the house is decorated with pine branches sprinkled with snow, mandarins and fresh oranges. It tastes of orange and mandarin, but also of cinnamon, black pepper and cloves, XMAS, limited edition for Christmas 2021 by Unique Fragrances Theater.

Goutal’s scented Christmas.

The typical fruit of the period also triumphs in Christmas notes, signed Elbe water. There are mandarin and orange, perfectly tuned with jasmine, broom, notes of honey, cinnamon, walnut and Mediterranean scrub woods; a delicate and at the same time enveloping symphony, which immediately makes a party and which can also be found in the home fragrance of the same line. The designer packages are elegant in white and blue Dior, which contain precious candles, for a refined gift, to do or to do, such as the coffret Mythological Star, which contains three mini candles that taste of sour cherry and ginger, orange and cinnamon, and pine.

Christmas candles by Dior.

The family is enriched with five new fragrances Yankee Candle, which for Christmas 2021 presents the collection Countdown to Christmas. Each candle, contained in the classic glass jars, has a name that evokes the typical moments of the holidays, from Letters to Santa, a gourmand accord of cinnamon and pralines, a Twinkling Lights, which conquers with its vanilla heart. And for those who don’t know how to choose, there is also the Advent calendar, to wait for Christmas Eve like a child, rediscovering the true magic of Christmas.

Best wishes!

Countdown to Christmas, the Yankee Candle Christmas collection.

Jon Day Photography


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