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Canto will move to the Ethereum network

The Canto blockchain is migrating to the Ethereum network as an L2 solution. The project is collaborating with the Polygon team using the Polygon Chain development kit.

It is expected that the migration will allow Canto to become part of a unified ecosystem associated with Ethereum and improve user security through zero-knowledge proofs.

“After evaluating several areas, it became clear that Polygon CDK offers a powerful software package for creating a second-tier Canto solution,” the team said.

Canto is a layer 1 blockchain built using the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint core. It has full EVM compatibility and aims to create a fast and accessible decentralized application infrastructure.

Canto is far from the first level 1 project to announce a migration to a new blockchain. In July 2023, the Celo team announced the transition to an L2 solution on Ethereum.

A month later, Fantom Foundation co-founder Andre Cronje announced that he was considering converting Fantom’s layer 1 blockchain to L2.

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