Caoa Cherry suspends 480 layoffs in Jacareí (SP) until January, says union

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This Wednesday (11), Caoa Chery suspended the dismissal of about 480 employees of the automaker’s factory in the city of Jacareí (SP). The Metalworkers Union of São José dos Campos announced that the layoff proposal, approved at a workers’ meeting last Friday (6), was accepted by the company.

The program, which temporarily suspends contracts, takes effect on July 1st and lasts for five months, in addition to three months of stability.

During the period, workers will receive their full wages and continue with the company’s health plan. According to the union, part of the remuneration is paid with resources from the Workers’ Assistance Fund (FAT).

The automaker announced last Thursday (5) that it intends to close the Jacareí factory.

Caoa informed that one of the models produced on site will be discontinued and two others will be imported from China. The Union defends that the Arrizo 6 and Arrizo 6 Pro models continue to be produced at the plant in the region.

In addition to the layoff proposal, the entity informed that it intends to pressure government officials to prohibit the end of Caoa’s activities in the city. A proposal for a bill was filed with the Jacareí City Council for this purpose.

According to the Latin American Institute of Socioeconomic Studies, the closing of the automaker would cause the loss of R$ 53 million in salary mass in circulation in the city. While in the auto parts sector, the expected impact is R$ 37 million.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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