TUSD stablecoin trading volume has doubled after major cryptocurrency exchanges, including the Binance exchange, introduced zero commissions for trading TUSD in pairs with leading cryptocurrencies.

According to CoinGecko data, on February 22, the supply of the token was $970 million, and on March 15, the volume already exceeded $2.03 billion. The daily trading volume of the token increased from $58.3 million to $72.6 million, by 24%.

TrueUSD, which was created by the TrueFi DeFi protocol team, runs on the Ethereum, TRON, and BNB Smart Chain blockchains. Its tokens are issued by the TrustToken platform,

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From March to the end of June, the Huobi crypto exchange introduced 0% trading fees for trading Bitcoin, Ether and Tron (TRX) against TUSD. In March, the Binance exchange announced support for the stablecoin, adding zero fees for BNB/TUSD and ETH/TUSD pairs.

The developers of the stablecoin reacted to the support of crypto exchanges by stating that TUSD “continues to be the most transparent and reliable stablecoin in any market conditions.”

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In October, Tron founder Justin Sun revealed that Tron and TUSD were accepted as a means of payment in Dominica. The government of this country in the Caribbean has announced that it is ready to accept all government payments, including taxes, in Tron. As per the Commonwealth Dominica government’s cryptocurrency regulation, Tron now has legal tender status in the country.