Capitol invasion: “QAnon Shaman” feels betrayed by Trump

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He was one of the faces of the assault on the United States Capitol by pro-Trump protesters on January 6. Today, the “QAnon Shaman” has traded in his animal skin and buffalo horns for a prisoner’s outfit, and is grumbling. Arrested by the FBI three days after the events in Washington, Jake Angeli (real name) is being prosecuted for disturbing public order, obstruction and improper conduct in an official building. This member of the conspiracy movement QAnon would have passed, since his incarceration, in a “phase of introspection” and would have expressed regret, according to his lawyer Albert Watkins, interviewed by the American site The Daily Beast. A questioning such that he would feel betrayed by Donald Trump.

“He came to understand that the former president did not really like him” and that he had “become the object of his propaganda”, reports the lawyer of Jake Angeli, also called Jacob Chansley. The latter would have “realized” that the former head of state “was not there to support him”, in particular because he would have refused to pardon him, as well as other rioters.

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Even if Donald Trump will “always have a place in his heart”, the “QAnon Shaman” says today that he is ready “to do what is necessary for his country” by testifying against the former president during his impeachment trial. Albert Watkins also describes his client as someone “non-violent”, who entered the Capitol because the doors were opened by a “police officer telling him that the building was his”. His defender also says he idolizes Gandhi.

A note left in Mike Pence’s office

But these statements should not weigh heavily in the eyes of justice. Always according to The Daily Beast, the prosecution cites Jake Angeli as one of the key participants in the Capitol Riots, and as the “self-proclaimed leader” of QAnon. The followers of this far-right movement notably defend a conspiracy theory according to which former President Donald Trump is waging a secret war against a global liberal sect made up of pedophile Democrats and Satanists. Angeli was also one of the few demonstrators who broke into the Senate chamber. According to the FBI, the thirty-something would also have admitted to having left a note in the office of the former vice-president Mike Pence, which he had qualified of “trafficking which takes part in the trafficking of the children” – Pence had declared shortly before the invasion of the Capitol that he would not oppose the victory of Joe Biden.

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Jake Angeli’s lawyer is also worried about the state of health of his client, who refuses to eat in prison, because of his shamanic beliefs. According to Angeli, feeding on unnatural chemicals “would constitute an ‘object intrusion’ into his body and cause serious illness,” as Albert Watkins explained in an emergency note filed Wednesday, February 3. The prison authorities, however, disputed the fact that the detainee has not eaten for more than a week, adding that he had not declared any religion when entering prison. But the judge in charge of the case ended up granting him a right to exclusively organic food.

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