Carefully! Fraudsters use a new scheme with state services, stealing data from Russians

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Sberbank revealed a new fraudulent scheme that uses the State Services portal. This was reported to RIA Novosti by Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy chairman of the bank’s board. Fraudsters send users notifications about a technical failure in the State Services, which allegedly led to the detachment from the clinic. This is followed by an offer to register again and pay the fee in order to re-attach. Moreover, this must be done promptly in a pandemic.

The Russians follow the proposed link to the fake page of the State Services, where they register, and then pay a fee of several thousand rubles. As a result, fraudsters get user data and money, as well as logins and passwords for authorization on the present portal of State Services.

Experts note that, having gained access to an account, fraudsters can apply for a loan or microloan. To avoid this, you need to carefully look at the website address, and if you have any doubts – contact your clinic. In addition, being attached to a public health facility is free. If the data got to the scammers, you need to urgently change the password to the State Services and inform the technical support. It will not be superfluous to enable the authorization function with SMS confirmation.

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