Carlos Catalán, vice president of AC Hotels by Marriot, dies at 44

The AC Hotels by Marriot group has announced this Tuesday the death of Carlos Catalán Heredero, vice president of the hotel group since 2000, at the age of 44, after a long illness.

Carlos Catalán (Tudela, 1976), o “Charlie Marriot”, as he was affectionately nicknamedHe was the only one of the six children of the Navarrese businessman Antonio Catalán, president of the group, who worked in the hotel chain.

The chain, which operates under the AC Hotels by Marriott brand in Spain, belongs to the global hotel giant Marriott and has more than 150 hotel destinations around the world.

The company was founded by Antonio Catalán in 1997 (it bears his acronym) after the sale of its stake in the NH group. He is one of the main businessmen in the sector in our country and one of the wealthiest, according to the Forbes magazine list of rich.

In a joint interview published by the newspaper Expansión a year ago, the president of the company told his son how he had to operate in the event that he died.

“Charlie Marriot”

“Carlos has a brutal work spirit and the healthy ambition that we be a great multinational company, that’s why I call him Charlie Mariott “said the Navarrese businessman about his son in the aforementioned interview a little over a year ago.

Catalan, who was the father of three children, He was in charge of the AC Baqueira project, station founded by his maternal grandfather and to which the family goes every year.

“Carlos’s exemplary dedication to the hotel industry in general, and to our company in particular, leaves us with a legacy of great recognition,” says the chain in its statement.

In fact, the pilgrimage that the AC Hoteles cycling team makes each year to Santiago de Compostela has been dedicated to Carlos Catalán. It was held last September and Antonio Catalán, his father, and Miguel Indurain participated.

“In these very painful moments, we ask for the maximum respect for the family while we appreciate the expressions of affection and condolences received”, points out the hotel group.

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