Carlos Nobre proposes the creation of an inter-ministerial body against deforestation

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Brazilian climate scientist Carlos Nobre participates in the UN Climate Summit, COP27, and gave an exclusive interview to CNN 🇧🇷 He proposed the creation of an inter-ministerial body in the government of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to combat deforestation in the Amazon.

“Organized crime has exploded, mainly in the Amazon, and it is possible, yes, to fight crime, it is possible, as President-elect Lula said in his speech shortly after the election results, to eliminate deforestation in the Amazon,” he said.

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“So I hope that the new government will create an inter-ministerial organization, because in order to attack all this, there needs to be numerous ministries,” he added.

Nobre also pointed out that Brazilian agriculture can become “zero emissions”. Citing a 2015 Empraba study, which assesses this could happen by 2030, the scientist suggested a migration to regenerative agriculture.

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“But we are going very slowly in that position. Only 6% of Brazil’s agricultural area is regenerative, so this is another challenge,” she added.

Alliance for Forest Protection

Brazil, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo discussed this Thursday (10) an international alliance to defend forests at COP27. The panel was attended by the former Minister of the Environment Izabella Teixeira who arrived today in Egypt.

The three countries have the three largest areas of rainforest in the world. In addition to the issue of preserving the environment, the idea is that the bloc can benefit financially through carbon credits. For example, countries that failed to meet the targets could buy from that bloc.

Source: CNN Brasil

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