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Carnival: SP cancels 24 blocks; governor of Bahia says it’s impossible to have a party

Carnival: SP cancels 24 blocks;  governor of Bahia says it’s impossible to have a party

The end of 2021 was plagued by news about the variant coronavirus Ômicron and the new flu. As a result, several sectors have reassessed their operations for the beginning of next year, and Rui Costa (PT), governor of Bahia, this Thursday morning (23), for example, declared that “it was impossible to make Carnival” of 2022.

“We continue to have deaths related to Covid-19, and now we have flu-related deaths,” he declared. “So, anyone talking about Carnival at this ‘time in the championship’ is wanting to be irresponsible with life… and I’m not in that group”.

Rui also highlighted that there is no condition when “I have 2 and a half million people with delayed vaccination. We already have enough risk in admitting parties with 5,000 people, let alone 3 million. So let’s go slowly.”

He also cites countries in Europe that have adopted new restrictive measures. Paris, France, for example, canceled the New Year’s Eve party, while the Netherlands mandated a three-week lockdown.

“We don’t want to lose as many people as we did,” he said. The declaration took place during an inaugural event at the Hospital Geral Roberto Santos, in Salvador.

On Twitter, the governor also stated that: “Obviously I would like to announce that we will have Carnival, but I can’t do that if, in 45 days, the numbers don’t drop!”

Questioned by CNN, the city of Salvador informed that it will not comment on the matter: “There will be no declaration from the City Hall at the moment.”

The Bahia Carnival is one of the most awaited festivals annually.

other parties

The advance of the variant and the growth in cases of Influenza also resulted in the cancellation of 24 street blocks that would participate in the São Paulo Carnival next year. The list was published this Thursday by the Official Gazette. See below:

  • fresh
  • Tarsilas & Andrades
  • Arena Folia
  • Abrava Block
  • Bloco do Piruka / Kondzilla
  • Snake bred
  • Daughters of the Moon Block
  • O Baile
  • Block TT
  • KiaMor Carnival
  • Glorious Block
  • O Baile
  • Banda My Love
  • Street Block Come Ku Nóis Ó
  • Bufalos Carnival Block
  • Vila Prudente
  • Vra Power
  • Cornmeal Block
  • Samba Council
  • Block I Love You But Only How
  • Friend
  • Afoxé Filhos de Gandhy SP
  • Queen’s popcorn

In the Diary it was also written that: “Definitive authorization to carry out the Street Carnival of the City of São Paulo in 2022 is subject to authorization by COVISA (Health Surveillance Coordination)”.

On November 27, the city of São Paulo had released the first list of street blocks for the 2022 carnival.

Reference: CNN Brasil



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