Cashback with license plate: an App is now enough for refunds on the motorway

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Claiming a refund for a delay on a road trip due to roadworks has become easier thanks to the new service “Cashback with plate “valid on the network managed by Motorways for Italy and developed by its start-up Free To X. Trying it out is easy: just download the app Free To X, enter your personal data and the vehicle license plate – which will be verified through the database of the Civil Motorization – and you will receive the money automatically.

The reimbursement is granted to individuals and companieswhether you pay by card or cash or use the Telepass service, from 10 minutes late e if it is due to construction sites for modernization and maintenance (therefore not for emergency work or accidents). Also it is for travel up to 99 km and in a figure proportional to the time lost (up find the estimates). Yes, the refund has already been active in an experimental phase for a few months, but this novelty of the Cashback with plate remains substantial, for two reasons: it reduces the time required to request the money back (from 15 to 10 minutes), and no requests must be submitted (the receipt, as specified by Aspi, must be kept only for safety).

Once registered, the app itself notifies the refundsi: it is all automatic and computerized. In our place “they work” crafted intelligence and a complex calculation algorithm using data from over 2,000 cameras that Autostrade per l’Italia has installed at all entry and exit toll booths.

“The plan worth over 21 billion euros for the modernization of the Autostrade per l’Italia network – explains theCEO of Aspi Roberto Tomasi – it is an unprecedented challenge: people, skills and cutting-edge technological solutions are in the field every day on our roads to ensure increasingly sustainable mobility. These efforts involve some inconveniences that we realize: for this reason we try to offer refreshment and to meet the needs of our users.. The “cashback targa” initiative is only the latest step in a process aimed at improving the travel experience: for us it is a fundamental project in the relationship with travelers, unique in Italy and in Europe ».

Moreover The Free To X app is very useful for other reasons as well: has a service that helps to foresee delays for works that allows you to better plan your trip and, in the event that for some reason you are unable to pay the toll, it allows you to do so directly by scanning the non-payment receipt collected at the toll booth. It also helps to do the standard toll calculation and has a feature to find the cheapest fuel prices, which is absolutely essential during this time.

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