Catrinel Marlon, This is my life

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When there is nothing to eat at home, together with the swarm of children from the neighborhood, he goes to steal from the gardens of his neighbors, almost sets fire to a neighbor’s house, leads punitive expeditions with stones against rival gangs: ” we did not even think of the question of the property of others. It’s called the survival instinct ». If punished, she is beaten with the washing machine hose. As a teenager, already the promise of athletics before being discovered by a fashion agent, to prevent her from dating her boyfriend, she often finds herself chained to the radiator in the bathroom, with books beside her so that she doesn’t waste time and take the opportunity to study: “In the family we yelled, argued, hit each other », he says,« for me, it wasn’t a strange thing at all ».

He says that his father, when he joined him in the seaside town where he was a waiter, often took the women home. She could hear them moaning in the next room and she had to shut up, otherwise they were slaps. He was six years old.
“I’ll tell you the truth: when I put the story down, for the first time, I suffered. And I understood that what my father did was simply an inhuman thing, as well as many other stories that I did not want to write, I preferred to keep them to myself. The truth is, I had true adoration for my father and did everything I could to get him and mom to quarrel. When I came home I told her everything, I told her that he had taken Laila to bed, that he had taken Monica to bed. I did it on purpose. And I repeated to dad: if you leave mom, I’ll come with you. I wished we were alone ».

How did she trust men in life?
«Trust… what a big word. Let’s say that on the subject of men, in particular on the seven years that passed before meeting my daughter’s father (the film producer Massimiliano Di Lodovico, ed), I had written some chapters that were censored by my lawyer. But as an old woman, I will tell everything ».

Black eyes and broken lips, like his parents?
«No, also because I was an athlete, I have strong muscles and putting your hands on me is not convenient for anyone. In the face of an attack, I would be able to respond brutally. But psychological violence, heavier than physical, I have suffered and how. Unfortunately, I crashed too ».

She writes: “It seems that she was raised in the barracks, I am so used to taking sticks from life.” How is your pain threshold?
“Very high. I love the sound of the drill in my mouth and I never ask for anesthesia at the dentist, on the contrary, I often fall asleep while working. Giving birth to my daughter, and there is a video that proves it, I didn’t even cry out. She went out, I got up, I stretched out my arms and placed her on her breast ».


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