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Cauã Reymond explains accident and says car was hit by elderly man who felt sick

Actor Cauã Reymond suffered a traffic accident this Wednesday (6), near Barra da Tijuca, in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Reymond, his car was hit by a man who felt unwell, who was later attended by the Fire Department.

On his Instagram account, the actor, who was returning from a martial arts class, posted a video clarifying the situation. “I ended up having an accident, but it’s okay,” he said. “I am making this video to thank the care taken by the Military Police and Fire Department personnel”.

According to Reymond, the gentleman who received care will be “very well”.

Recently, the actor, his wife Mariana Goldfarb, and their daughter Sofia, were attacked by pitbull dogs while walking their pets in the condominium where they live, according to Goldfarb’s posts on social media.

The animals belonged to rapper Orochi, and Reymond filed a complaint against his neighbor due to the attack. In the networks, his wife stated that “it is not the pitbull’s fault, he was ensuring the safety of his house (…) It is the fault of those who left the door open”.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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