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Serbia: Al. Vucic rejected the EP’s request for recognition of Kosovo

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has said he will not even consider the European Parliament’s request to recognize Kosovo. The European Parliament today voted in favor of a declaration stating that at the end of the negotiations “Serbia and Kosovo are expected to sign an agreement on the normalization of relations based on mutual recognition”. It is the first time that an official EU document asks Serbia to recognize the independence of Kosovo. “Serbia, nicely, decently and politely says, no. We don’t even intend to consider this possibility,” Vucic replied.

The European Parliament’s declaration also mentions Belgrade’s attitude towards Moscow. Serbia is called upon to harmonize with the EU’s foreign and security policy and immediately impose sanctions on Russia. This issue is even defined as a criterion for the progress of accession negotiations. Aleksandar Vucic reiterated that the political leadership remains committed to Serbia’s European path and pointed out that “as important as EU membership is, it is equally important that Serbia maintains the right and freedom to decide based on its national interests.”


Source: Capital

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