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CCXP23: Find out how much it costs to eat at the event

Starts this Thursday (30th) Comic Con Experience 2023 known as CCXP. The event brings together actors and big names from comics, cinema, series and pop culture in general.

CCXP 2023 will take place until Sunday (03) at São Paulo Expo, in São Paulo. For those who go to the fair, there will be several food options that start at R$7 reais, but go up to more than R$55.

Food court and carts selling donuts, crepes and churros. For those who want the crepes, whether sweet or savory, the cost is R$40.

CCXP 2023 will also have Chinese food at the China in Box restaurant. Yakisoba – classic with meat and chicken or vegetarian) costs R$49, while other dishes such as checkered chicken, orange chicken or meat with potatoes cost R$53.

For pasta lovers, Spoleto is also present at the event. Pasta dishes start at R$43 (Spaghetti with pomodoro or penne with white sauce) and go up to R$54 (gnocchi or stuffed ravioli). The salad costs R$52.

For those who want a small pizza, Domino’s will be selling pepperoni, pepperoni and cheese flavors for R$45 each.

Snacks can also be purchased at coffee spots, such as Rei do Mate. There, the mixed one costs R$35, while the cheese bread cup costs R$25 and the savory one costs R$18. The açaí costs R$40, while the Mate costs between R$18 and R$23 At Casa Bauducco, cheese bread costs R$7.

Popsicles from Baccio di Latte cost between R$15 and R$23. Popcorn, sold at points throughout the fair, starts at R$20 and goes up to the giant size, which costs R$35.

For lovers of Japanese and Hawaiian food, poke at Gendai costs R$57, with salmon, ceviche, grilled salmon and vegetarian options. The temakis cost R$49.

Johnny Rockets will be at CCXP 23 with restaurant locations and carts that only sell milkshakes (R$26 for 300 ml and R$30 for 440 ml). Snacks start at R$35 (cheeseburger, vegan or chicken snack). The combos, with soda and potatoes, start at R$ 55. The potato alone costs R$ 20, while the version with cheddar and bacon costs R$ 33 and the portion of onion rings costs R$ 30. The restaurant also will be selling Friends and Scooby Doo collectibles at two different points at the fair. The individual doll costs R$40, while when purchasing a combo with snack, everything costs R$100.

HNT is also selling burgers. with chicken snacks starting at R$36, a bucket with chicken and potatoes for R$45 (vegan version for R$55) and a portion of potatoes that serves two people for R$80. The snack bar will also be selling collectibles, from the League da Justiça: individual price for R$40 and in combo with bucket and soft drink for R$80.

The Black Dog snack bar will also be among the restaurants present at CCXP. Snacks start at R$39 and the combo starts at R$49. Black Dog also has vegan or vegetarian snack options, both for R$45 for a hot dog and R$55 for a combo.

The Outback restaurant will also be at CCXP, with a stand that will be reproducing some of the chain’s dishes in a giant form for those who want to take photos, in addition to selling snacks. The Pixel Burger Master Bacon, with cheddar and ementhal cheese with bacon on Australian bread, will cost R$55; The chicken version, the Pixel Burger Chicken Flame, costs R$45, while the Pixel Burger Plant snack will be the option for vegetarians, for R$50. All snacks come with potato chips during CCXP and are also available at restaurant chain outside the event.

Source: CNN Brasil

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