Ch. Kastanidis: With the Right we belong to different ideologies – With the radical Left there is no trust

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Its priorities are for the Movement for Change to quickly rediscover its ideological and political identity as a modern party of democratic socialism, to re-emerge the essential differences between conservative and progressive policies and, on that basis, to form a coherent set of programmatic proposals for the future. of Greece and the well-being of the citizens, said during his speech in Heraklion, the candidate for the presidency of the Movement for Change, Haris Kastanidis. Mr. Kastanidis, speaking to those gathered, stated that a key issue is the organizational reorganization of the party, so that in a short time it is ready to undertake major political initiatives.

“It is crucial to re-establish the values ​​of social justice and solidarity with the weakest, to rebuild the welfare state and to re-formulate the democratic demand, so that the Republic is transformed into a market that is vibrant with the participation of the people,” he said. Kastanidis, who added that he is not concerned with the question of possible post-election collaborations.

“We do not care, because with the Right we belong to different ideological worlds, while with the radical Left the dialogue is difficult, because the element of trust is missing,” said Mr. Kastanidis.

The candidate for the presidency of the Movement for Change, referring to Mitterrand and his position on the management of symbols, added that “it is impossible to ignore the need to return the acronym and symbols of PASOK to the title of the faction. I will raise the issue in our regular conference which will be held a few months after the election of the president “while he also referred to the framework of action immediately after the internal party elections, which will include the need for national reconciliation and the search for alliances in Europe,” so that we do not return to the Pact Fiscal Stability “and in addition the creation of a radical plan for reforms in the public administration. Changes that will be based on the principle of social justice, the strengthening of the social sector of the economy, but also the strengthening of the participatory Democracy “with institutions such as the referendum initiated by the citizens or the legislation initiated by social institutions and citizens”.

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