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Changpeng Zhao commented on the resignation of the head of Binance.US

CEO of Binance exchange Changpeng Zhao statedthat the resignation of the CEO of the American division of the company, Brian Schroeder, is a “well-deserved break.” However, he urged the community to ignore the FUD surrounding this event.

Last week, media reported that Binance.US plans to cut a third of its staff. In addition, its CEO left the company.

In his publication, Zhao partially confirmed this. He also approved the appointment of the firm’s general counsel, Norman Reed, to the position of CEO.

According to CZ, the reason for Schröder’s resignation was that he took a “well-deserved break”:

“Under his leadership, Binance.US has raised capital, improved its products and services, strengthened internal processes and gained significant market share, all of which have helped build a more sustainable company for the benefit of customers. We are grateful for his contribution.”

Schröder himself never commented directly on his resignation.

After the departure of the CEO of Binance.US, information about the resignation of two more top managers of the division was leaked to the network. Zhao did not address this in any way in his publication.

Trading volume on Binance.US peaks in March 2023. According to The Block, the figure amounted to $17.63 billion. In August it decreased to $290.4 million:

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