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Chaos in Washington at a pro-Palestinian demonstration: They clashed with police – They closed offices near Congress

Dozens pro-Palestinian protesters clashed on Wednesday night (11/15) with the police in front of the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Washington. The result of the conflicts was to close offices in Congresslocated nearby.

“Our police officers are trying to restrain about 150 people who are protesting illegally and violently” on streets near Democratic Party offices, Capitol Police wrote on X. “The police are making arrests“, the same source added, referring to six injured among the police officers, who are being treated for “minor abrasions” or “punches”.

According to APE – MPE, members of parliament who were at the time in the offices of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), they were removed from the building accompanied by the police and taken to a safe location.

“I just walked away from the #DNC because pro-terrorists and anti-Israel protesters turned violent, throwing pepper spray at police and trying to storm the building,” California Rep. Brad Sherman wrote to X. “Thank you to the police officers who stopped them and who helped us, me and my colleagues, to get out safe and sound“, he added.

Another Democratic congressman, Sean Kasten, accused the protesters of “they closed all the entrances to a building in which many members of Congress were». Kasten pointed out to X that he too was “rescued by armed police”.

Members of the forces of order asked the deputies and other workers who were in offices near the headquarters of the Democratic Party to remain indoors. A message warned them that “a large demonstration is currently underway entry and exit are not allowed».

The protesters were demanding ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and the end of Israel’s military operation. Images posted on social media show protesters wearing black T-shirts with the slogan “Truce now“, clashing with police officers who were trying to remove them from the entrance of the building.

This demonstration took place one day after another pro-Israel rally that took place with the participation of many thousands of people on the National Mall, in the heart of Washington.

Source: News Beast

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