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Chaos on a plane in Brazil: Women fought for a seat

Destruction was caused to airplane at Brazilas shortly before the flight started, several women they caught hands, with the result that flight attendants had to intervene to separate them.

As stated by dailymail.co.ukthe incident happened on a Gol Airlines flightshortly before the plane took off from Salvador International Airport in Bahia bound for Sao Paulo-Congonias Airport in Brazil.

THE a fight allegedly broke out between two families after a mother asked another passenger if she could switch seats with her child, who has special needs. But when the mother’s request was refused, she became angry and began attacking the other passenger, according to local media.

According to reports, 12 to 15 women were involved in the fight. The flight attendants even found themselves in the middle of the fight, in an attempt to separate them. The crew eventually managed to bring the group under control and 15 passengers were escorted off the plane which started for its destination after almost two hours delay.

Also, Gol Airlines said in a statement: “The scene in the video making the rounds on social media took place before the departure of flight G3 1659 this Thursday from El Salvador (SSA) to Congolese (CGH), in Sao Paolo. The people involved in the scenes of aggression disembarked and did not continue their journey. We condemn any act of violence and emphasize that the actions taken by the crew were done with safety in mind, Gol’s number one priority.”

Source: News Beast

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