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Charles Hoskinson was “not on the same wavelength” with the developers of Cardano

Cardano staking pool operators are having trouble updating nodes to deploy the Vasil hard fork. The reason was a misunderstanding between the founder of Cardano and the developers.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson took to Twitter to staking pool operators (SPOs) and decentralized applications, urging them to upgrade nodes to version 1.35.3 in preparation for the upcoming Vasil hard fork. As Hoskinson wrote, version 1.35.3 is being extensively tested and will most likely be the HFC version.

However, ProjectNEWM CTO Andrew Westberg advised SPO not to follow Hoskinson’s call and not upgrade nodes to version 1.35.3 on the mainnet just yet. According to him, first you need to launch a newly appeared node on the testnet. Westberg joked that Hoskinson was simply “not on the same wavelength” as his developers and testers.

“Run 1.34.1 or 1.35.3 on the prepared network. Wait until the hard fork is successful so that we can make sure there are no problems. And only then can you update the node for the main network, ”- added Westberg.

Westberg thanked the Cardano founder for sharing the update while looking forward to the launch of Vasil. Hoskinson replied that he would be more careful with tweets in the future.

Recall that the Cardano developers have already postponed the launch of Vasil several times due to minor errors in order to make sure that the blockchain works smoothly for all network participants.

Source: Bits

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