Charles III was lucky enough to reach the throne as a mature expert, says expert

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O King Charles III was “lucky” to reach the throne of UK at an older age, with time to mature, according to Marcos Azambuja, Ambassador and Emeritus Counselor of the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI).

“Charles seems to have matured, time has been his ally, he has learned a lot, and it seems that he will govern, I hope, wisely and pass the Crown on to his successors,” Azambuja said in an interview with CNN this Sunday (11).

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“Charles was lucky enough to come to the throne as a mature man. One of the services that the queen provided was to last long enough for her successor to mature, so that emotional turmoil, adventures, stay in the past, which is strictly an irrelevant past, ”she evaluated.

According to the ambassador, the king has a “natural sympathy” with Brazil, and “he feels good among us, and he has something in the environmental cause that he is passionate about, like us Brazilians, and it is important that he does not assume that the defense of the environment environment matters more to foreigners than to us”.

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“The environment is ours, we are the ones who take care of them. I think it will be a terrain not of divergence, but of growing affinities. It is clear that the moment is not the most favorable, but it will be overcome”, reinforced the ambassador.

For him, there is “the possibility of creating a bond of friendship, a good relationship. The Anglo-Brazilian relationship is a descendant of the relationship between Portugal and England, an old friendship that we inherited and preserved well”.

Source: CNN Brasil

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