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Charles III will work to keep the kingdom unified, says expert

Charles III will work to keep the kingdom unified, says expert

O King Charles III must work to keep the 15 countries where he is head of state united after the death of his mother, says Ricardo Sondermann, chairman of the Churchill Society and secretary of International Relations for Porto Alegre .

By the rules of the royal family, Charles began to assume the functions of the queen elizabeth II serving both as head of the Church of England and as a principal member of the Commonwealth.

“Most likely he will visit all the countries where he is king, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, even because some of them want to stop having the king as head of state. It will work to keep the kingdom unified”, said Sondermann in an interview with CNN this Sunday (11).

He points out that “the British monarchy is full of symbolism and rituals, one of them for example is the opening of Parliament. Every year, when the session starts, the king opens the session and for that he knocks on the door of Parliament and asks permission to enter”.

Within these symbolisms, it is most likely that Charles III’s heart as king will only take place next year.

“The coronation is an expensive event, it requires enormous security. Kings, queens, presidents are invited, and they need to have time to arrive, a place for all these people, there’s a bigger process,” she explains.

Sondermann also points out that the event “must also coincide with the European summer so that people can move around more easily. These are things that have to be planned, and he should be sworn in between June and September of next year, with better weather and with all these logistical and symbolic preparations built.”

Source: CNN Brasil



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