Charles Michel: European-funded fences at the EU’s external borders

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The Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki blamed today Belarus for “state terrorism”, as the The crisis caused by the influx of migrants at the borders of the two countries is intensifying.

“It is clear that what we are facing here is the manifestation of state terrorism,” the Polish prime minister said during a joint press conference with the president of the European Council. Charles Michel, located in Warsaw.

Mateusz Morawiecki denounces “discreet revenge” of Belarussian president Alexander Lukashenko for Warsaw’s support for the Belarussian opposition, according to the EIA.

The European Union must block flights from the Middle East to Belarus to stop the flow of migrants trying to enter the European Union from the eastern external border, he added.

The President of the European Council, for his part, said that the European Union must consider whether it is ready to finance the construction of fences to help member states protect the EU ‘s external borders against the Minsk “hybrid attack”.

Charles Michel explained to reporters after his meeting with the Polish Prime Minister that, according to the opinion of the legal service of the European Council, this is legally feasible, under the current European legal framework for infrastructure financing.

“I’m a decision to be made by European Commission“, but in any case, the legal point of view of the Council is absolutely clear”, he pointed out.

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