ChatGPT wrote a great job application: chatbot outperformed 80% of human applicants

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At the moment, it is already known that the ChatGPT chatbot from OpenAI is able to easily write an essay on any topic, answer various questions, solve mathematical problems with a step-by-step explanation of each action, and even write malicious codes in the programming language the attacker needs. But Neil Taylor, founder of a communications consulting company called Schwa, decided to go further and see if a chatbot could write a quality job application by fooling HR managers who have been hiring for years. He soon told Sky News that the chatbot easily fooled not only recruiters, but outperformed 80% of human applicants.

In order to pull off the “scam”, Taylor gave chatbot ChatGPT a written task to write a short essay – he had to describe the secrets of good writing, keeping within 300 words. A similar test task was given to all other human applicants, after which all the interview participants got to work and demonstrated the finished result. And to prevent HR managers from recognizing the chatbot, Taylor hid the names of all applicants, and also did not tell recruiters that artificial intelligence was one of the interview participants. It soon turned out that the test task of the chatbot turned out to be better than what the other participants sent.

“The AI-based chatbot turned out to be much more competent than many people who approached us in search of a job. And given that we need to write texts that stand out from the rest and attract the attention of the audience, I believe that this was a real test for AI, which he certainly coped with, ”added Taylor.

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The fact is that when recruiters checked only one-fifth of all applications, the test task from ChatGPT was shortlisted. This is a list of applicants with whom they conduct a live interview without even waiting for the end of the verification of all the works – usually such methods are resorted to if the applicant’s work is really of high quality, which, of course, says a lot. And when Taylor told the HR manager that the application he sent to the shortlist was written by ChatGPT, the recruiter was dumbfounded – the specialist with many years of experience was easily fooled by the machine. However, Taylor noted that actually getting what he wanted was very difficult.

Test task written with ChatGPT and translated into Russian using Google

The head of the company said that he had to give the chatbot very detailed instructions on exactly how to write, in what style, and so on. For example, a machine was given the task of writing a text in the style of the American writer Dave Trott. Accordingly, it is still difficult to get a quality text from AI, but if you have the time and desire, you can create something really worthy.

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