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Check out the best panettone of 2022 for sale in São Paulo

Check out the best panettone of 2022 for sale in São Paulo

our presenter Daniela Filomeno brought together strong team in the editorial office of CNN Brazil to taste 50 Panettone blindly, separated into categories WITH creamy filling and WITHOUT creamy filling.

Among the special guests to tackle this tasty task were Bertrand Busquethead of Chocolat Academy São Paulo; Bianca Mirabilipastry chef at award-winning Evvai; Danny Simongastronomic consultant and one of the names behind the trendy Cora; Larissa Januario, hand full cook and presenter of the program Jantar O Que? on the Sabor e Arte channel; influencers who live in search of the best restaurants, recipes and foodies lilian sa🇧🇷 Mariana Mallemont🇧🇷 Miriam Abado and Tamy Roxxo, in addition to the entire team CNN Travel&Gastronomy 🇧🇷

More than 100 panettone were registered to participate in the event, but it would be impossible for our team of “official tasters” to try so many Christmas cakes at once. So we had to curate and just 50 marks entered for the final tasting – which also made the competition fairer.

Each participant gave a score from 0 to 5, evaluating texture, aroma, presentation and balance between dough and filling.

In the category of panettone without cream filling the winner was Philone, with cioccolato panettone with semisweet chocolate drops. In second place was the candied fruit panettone from good market and thirdly that of Dulcaalso traditional with candied fruit.

Already in the category of panettone WITH cream filling the big winner was Mariana Junqueira with his invention of panettone with Belgian chocolate drops, filling with Argentine dulce de leche with paçoca and covered in Belgian chocolate with paçoca. We had tie for second place between Ofner🇧🇷 with opwalnut and coconut anettone filled with dulce de leche with lemon zest and sugared cashew nut and coconut topping, and the da Nutty Bavarian with panettone with glazed chestnuts, dulce de leche filling and chocolate drops. Third place went to Dengo Chocolates with the panettone filled with dulce de leche and chocolate with a cashew nut crust.

Check below – in alphabetical order – all the participants in the category WITHOUT creamy filling 🇧🇷

Baci Perugina Panettone with semisweet chocolate chips, semisweet chocolate coating and hazelnuts BRL 69.99 500g
Bauducco Cup special edition chocotone BRL 45 500g
bonjour baguette Apricot panettone with lemon zest and almond flour crumble topping BRL 130 1Kg
Braz Panettone with bittersweet chocolate, orange and chestnut topping BRL 119 800g
Santa Luzia House traditional panettone BRL 122.00 600g
would marry Panettone with orange and cupuaçu candied with raisins BRL 115 550g
Cristallo traditional panettone BRL 94 1kg
Dengo Panettone with drops of milk chocolate 50% cocoa, orange and cupuaçu BRL 119.90 500g
Dulca Panettone with candied fruits BRL 242 2kg
Philone Panettone Cioccolato with Bittersweet Chocolate Chips BRL 110 750g
good market fruit panettone BRL 75 500g
Copenhagen Panettone with milk chocolate drops and covered with chocolate BRL 99.90 650g
La Pastina Vegan panettone with chocolate chips BRL 189 750g
Le Blé Traditional Italian candied fruit panettone BRL 89 500g
lindt Sicilian orange panettone and dark chocolate drops BRL 99.90 600g
Luce traditional panettone BRL 89 500g
Made by Nina Red Fruit Panettone BRL 129 500g
Mariana Junqueira Panettone with chocolate covered Belgian chocolate chips BRL 328.80 1kg
Muzzi (Raiola) Classic panettone made in Italy BRL 155 750g
In the Bread Queue Guava Panettone and Canasta Cheese BRL 89 500g
Nonna Rosa chocolate panettone BRL 85 500g
only Sicilian lemon panettone with chocolate drops BRL 109 900g
ZestZing Panettone of Cupuaçu, orange and Brazil nuts BRL 115 500g
zulcare Panettone with pear, fig and orange BRL 160 650g

Check below – in alphabetical order – the participants in the category WITH creamy filling 🇧🇷

nana’s sugar bowl Panettone with chocolate chips stuffed with brigadeiro and covered with milk chocolate BRL 160 800g
Love in pieces Bicho de Pé Panettone BRL 94.60 670g
balmoral Belgian chocolate panettone with chocolate coating filled with chocolate ganache with edible gold leaf detail BRL 110 750g
Carlo`s Bakery Panettone with dulce de leche and fleur de sel BRL 159.90 1kg
Carmella Pistachio Chocolate Tone BRL 239 1.1 kg
Carole Cream White Panettone based on creamy cocada, toasted hazelnut farofa and grated coconut BRL 139 730g
Brazil Cocoa Chocolates Panettone with chocolate chips and peanut filling BRL 77.90 780g
confectionery lady brigadeiro panettone BRL 145 800g
Cora Patisserie Chocotone stuffed with pear and dulce de leche BRL 200 900g
Danielle Andrade Pistachio with red fruits BRL 270 1Kg
Dengo Panettone stuffed with chocolate and dulce de leche BRL 149.90 650g
Santa Maria Emporium Panettone stuffed with lemon liqueur cream BRL 149.90 750g
galette Panettone stuffed with yellow cherry and covered with milk cocoa BRL 135 900g
Havana Panettone with chocolate drops filled with dulce de leche BRL 119.90 700g
Copenhagen Panettone with dulce de leche filling, covered with milk chocolate and decorated with white chocolate BRL 114.90 700g
La Pastina Panettone stuffed with chocolate cream and hazelnuts BRL 174 750g
lindt Panettone with dulce de leche filling and milk chocolate coating BRL 139.90 1kg
Made by Nina Belgian chocolate filled chocotone BRL 179 700g
Mariana Junqueira Paçoca panettone with Belgian chocolate drops and dulce de leche filling with paçoca BRL 398.80 1kg
Mica Chocotone with handmade dough, chocolate drops, 54% chocolate Ganache and spice caramel BRL 230 1.1Kg
In the Bread Queue Panettone with chocolate, orange and pecan nuts truffled with dulce de leche BRL 98 500g
Nutty Bavarian Panettone with glazed chestnuts and dulce de leche filling and chocolate drops BRL 89.90 700g
Ofner Panettone with walnuts and coconut filled with dulce de leche with lemon zest and sugared cashew and coconut topping BRL 145 1kg
partager Fruit panettone filled with soft Belgian brigadeiro and covered with dark Belgian chocolate with dried fruits BRL 240 1kg
Pati Piva Panettone Pecan & Caramel: with caramelized pecan nuts with caramel filling and fleur de sel and pecan nut crust BRL 215 1kg
Stella Panettone filled with white cream and apple pie cream with a touch of cinnamon BRL 140 900g

Source: CNN Brasil