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Check out the list of the biggest tours of 2023 in the world

Billboard released the list of the most profitable tours of the year 2023. The first place went to Beyoncé in first place, with the “Renaissance Tour” – a tour based on the album “Reinassance”, released in July 2022.

For the calculation, Billboard takes into account the profit from the tour, in dollars, in addition to the number of audiences and the number of shows.

Beyoncé grossed around US$570.5 million from tours this year, from May to October. The value corresponds to more than R$2.7 billion.

The magazine also highlighted that the numbers for Taylor Swift’s “The Eras Tour” have not yet been released and, therefore, she did not qualify for Billboard’s year-end “Boxscore” charts. Therefore, Taylor does not appear on the list.

Check out the 10 biggest tours of the year, according to Billboard:

1 – Beyoncé

Profit: US$570.5 million (R$2.77 billion)

Attendance: 2.7 million people

Number of shows: 55

2 – Coldplay

Profit: US$342.5 million (R$1.66 billion)

Attendance: 3.2 million

Number of shows: 55

3 – Harry Styles

Profit: US$338.2 million (R$1.64 billion)

Attendance: 3.1 million

Number of shows: 39

4 – Morgan Wallen

Profit: US$260.4 million (R$1.26 billion)

Attendance: 1.3 million people

Number of shows: 44

5 – Ed Sheeran

Profit: US$256.9 million (R$1.25 billion)

Attendance: 2.5 million

Number of shows: 46

6 – P!nk

Profit: US$ 226.6 million (R$ 1.10 billion)

Attendance: 1.6 million people

Number of shows: 37

7 – Elton John

Profit: US$210 million (R$1.02 billion)

Attendance: 1.3 million people

Number of shows: 65

8 – The Weeknd

Profit: US$192.5 million (R$937 million)

Attendance: 1.9 million people

Number of shows: 35

9 – Depeche Mode

Profit: US$ 175.2 million (R$ 853 million)

Attendance: 1.8 million people

Number of shows: 47

10 – Blackpink

Profit: US$ 148.3 million (R$ 722 million)

Attendance: 703 thousand people

Number of shows: 29

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* Published by Iasmin Paiva

Source: CNN Brasil

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