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Collapse in Alagoas mine: see images of the affected area

The imminent risk of collapse at a mine operated by Braskem in Maceió (AL) led the federal government to recognize a state of emergency in the city this Friday (1st).

See images of the city in the gallery above.

In an interview with CNN , Mayor João Henrique Caldas, JHC (PL), stated that the situation is the “biggest urban tragedy in the world”. According to Civil Defense, the ground around the mine is sinking at a rate of 2.6 centimeters per hour. The accumulated vertical displacement in the area is 1.42 meters.

Residents of the region received warnings from the Civil Defense throughout the week to leave their homes and avoid traveling through the region.

Braskem says it “continues to be mobilized and monitoring the situation at mine 18” and “taking all appropriate measures to minimize the impact of possible occurrences”.

“Current monitoring data demonstrates that soil accommodation remains concentrated in the area of ​​this mine and that this accommodation could develop in two ways: one scenario is gradual accommodation until stabilization; the second is a possible abrupt accommodation”, adds the company.

The company also says that “Braskem’s service area near mine 18 has been isolated since Tuesday afternoon. Furthermore, the region where said mine is located (protection area) has been completely unoccupied since 2020.”

(Published by Fábio Munhoz)

Source: CNN Brasil

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