Cheering (from the stadium) and organization (crazy): the Eurovision of Turin seen from the inside

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In his hand he has four flags. I recognize the Serbiathe Romania and the Poland. A discreet line in front of the bar allows me to dig in reminiscent of geography and also identify the fourth: it is Cyprus. But now I’m curious to know who this tall blonde girl cheers for. Which, on the spot, I would have said was Scandinavian. “SwedenHe replies, grabbing his beer and showing me the yellow and blue enamelthe colors of your country.

I am frankly a bit confused. I just entered the PalaOlimpico of Turinthere are just a few minutes to the start of the second semifinal of theEurovision 2022. Maybe I still have to settle down. There is next to me an Irishman – or so I think because he wrote it on hatbut by now I’m not sure of anything anymore – that he talks to an alleged – judging by the colors of the shirt – supporter of theAustralia. They seem to know everything.

They speak very well of the Georgian artist, such Circus Mircus, who makes “psychedelic music”. One is curious to see Achille Laurothe other is sure that the Azerbaijani singer – albeit “Don’t convince him” – will reach the final. Both, however, are happy that ad open the show is a Finnish rock band, The Rasmus, «Perfect for immediately warming up in the evening». Even more displaced by so much knowledge about the participants, I reach my sector.

The glance is splendid: a gigantic stage surrounded by a cascade of waterwith an Italian garden reproduced in the stalls for welcome the juries, and not even an empty seat in the stands. The spectators, mostly foreigners, are colorful and very noisy. A roar welcomes the entry of Alessandro Cattelan And Laura Pausinithen Mika. But the “chatter” does not last very long. We start immediately and it never stops.

The artists, in fact, they perform in bursts, the breaks are very few. In an hour and a half they play in 18, before voting and guests. Just get distracted for a moment, lower your head to send a message, which risks losing a singer away. A real shock for those used to timing of Sanremo. On the other hand, at Eurovision – which took its cue for its birth from the Ariston Festival – today everything is different.

One format slendermeant for television – the voice of the conductors, for example, it is not clear in the Palazzetto – but that it really is live engaging. During the most eventful songs you stand up, let’s Dance, you jump, you sing. Between firing lights and a super sound system, it all comes naturally. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the songs (two fans next to me they all sing themskipping maybe four words in all).

At certain moments it seems a mega nightclubwhere the scenography changes continuously every three minutes: away the light, new backdrop. A crazy organization, which heats up an arena in stadium mode: yelling at the top of one’s voice for the artist of one’s own country, but also for others. An atmosphere of party and friendshipthat – official event partner – perfectly recreated al Music Retreatin the sumptuous Casa del Pingone, a Turin.

A historic building, from 15th century, set up for two lucky couples with neon notes, soft pillows and spinning vinyls, even with one small recording room. Just like at the PalaOlimpico: getting bored is practically impossible.

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