«Cheese», the Slow Food event dedicated to cheese returns to Bra

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Autumn starts again, on time, with Cheese, the biennial event of Slow Food which from 17 to 20 September will bring cheese producers, refiners and experts back to Bra (and nearby Pollenzo) from all over the world, and thousands of enthusiasts who have always taken advantage of it for a weekend of great tastings and great discoveries.

Cheese is the largest international event dedicated to cheeses raw milk (i.e. unpasteurized) and an opportunity to discover “natural” cheeses, that is, made only with bacteria available in nature (and not with industrial enzymes).

Productions that are an expression of the place where they are born, that respect traditions and therefore also the environment, and for this reason they have unique organoleptic characteristics.

Every year Cheese has a theme, and this year it is “Consider the animals”: chosen to make us reflect once again on the importance of protecting biodiversity. Without animals there would be no cheese (not even): without cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes, donkeys there would be no milk, without bees there would be no pastures, without the bacteria that live in the soil the herbs they eat would not be so different and special, and therefore the final product would lose its its uniqueness. It is no coincidence that Slow Food dedicates an entire event to cheese: primordial food, great Italian agri-food excellence, they are a perfect example of the fruits that can give an environment that lives in harmony.

At Cheese, first of all, great specialties are tasted: the first place is the Cheese Market among the streets of Bra where you can buy all kinds of references – but also honeys, jams, mustards and salami made without nitrites and nitrates – which are exclusively made with raw milk (not pasteurized) and / or, indeed, natural. In Great cheese roominstead, cheeses from all over the world can be tasted in combination with about 300 wine labels. Meanwhile, among the squares and courtyards of Bra, there are food trucks and craft breweries offering delicacies from all over Italy, from bowler bags to Ascoli olives. Dinners are perfect to end the day – Appointment at the table -with renowned chefs who are held in Pollenzo at the Garden Restaurant of the Agenzia Agenzia: among the protagonists the routes of Parmigiano Reggiano in Emilia and those of transhumance in Calabria.

As in all Slow Food events, great importance is dedicated tofood and environmental education. Unmissable i Taste Workshops: 29 meetings in which rare types of cheeses signed by the most famous refiners of every region of Italy and the world are closely acquainted, listening to their stories and tasting their products also combined with beers and wine. Meanwhile in the House of Biodiversity you participate in debates with shepherds, cheesemakers and experts on the theme “Consider the animals”. Also perfect for children path on animal ethology where you learn the difference between a cow or a sheep that wine in the pasture or in the stable, or the importance of pollinators and soil microorganisms. The entire program and the forms for registering for limited (and paid) appointments are on cheese.slowfood.it. In the gallery above some photos of past editions

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