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Chiara Ferragni and the anxiety of having everything under control with which she has made peace

One of the most powerful scenes of the second season of The Ferragnez is the one where Clare Ferragni scolds Fedez for making mention on camera about something he wished he kept to herself. Faced with that unexpected event, Chiara reacts as one would expect from a person who has always been used to having control of her narration: looking for a secure foothold to cling to in order to bring the discourse back to predictability as soon as possible. Life, however, teaches us that the control of what happens around us is valid up to a certain point, and this Chiara Ferragni has learned at her expense. Both in front of husband’s illness which forced her to temporarily put her life on hold to try to appear strong even where she would have preferred to scream, and both in particularly demanding work trials such as the San Remo Festival, which he tried to meticulously study from beginning to end until the kiss on the mouth between Fedez and Rosa Chemical l‘has faced something again that he had not foreseen, setting off a whirlwind of anger and insecurity which, for the moment, The Ferragnez has not yet shown.

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez during the photocall for The Ferragnez 2Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images

The reason why Chiara Ferragni is, like many of us, used to having everything under control is obvious: her career has, in fact, managed to cement itself because it was above all she and her team who decided how to present herself to the fans. Everything in Chiara’s public life was not left to chance: on Instagram it is, in fact, possible to decide anything. From the light to the caption, from the shooting angle to the publication time. All things that in the real world, but also in different mediums such as television, when it’s not you who dictates the times but the production, are not possible. It is probably for this reason that Chiara Ferragni has ventured very little over the years into experiences that she feared she would not be able to manage. and it is evidently for this reason that he decided to accept the Sanremo proposal much later than when they had submitted it to him the first time.

Sanremo, 73rd Italian Song Festival, Final Evening. Chiara Ferragni and Fedez on stage after the kiss with Rosa ChemicalMaurizio D’avanzo / ipa-agency.net

Even Chiara Ferragni Unposted, her documentary available on Prime Video, has demonstrated from the beginning a control of the narrative to the limits of the obsessive, given that the portrait of her that emerges smells too good to be true. Over time, however, something has changed, and the proof of this is given precisely by The Ferragnez, given that Chiara has decided to trust the authors and to also show the things that would have made her appear more insecure, but also more true. The frame of the fight, for example, could easily have been cut from the final cut, but it wasn’t: it is likely that Ferragni was forced to make peace with both the fact that she is not perfect and be with the certainty that in life you can’t control everything. We understand how important it is for her to stay anchored in her comfort zone, but we also understand the need to dive into new oceans to challenge herself, and it’s a good thing she realized that in time.

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