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Child chokes on coin and faints on bus in Rio

Military police officers from the city of Pinheiral, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, saved, this Monday (18), a three-year-old child who was choking on a coin.

The agents were carrying out supervision at a battalion in the region when the boy’s mother got off a bus with him in her arms, already passed out, asking for help.

They picked up the child and performed the Heimlich maneuver (putting pressure on the diaphragm), which made him breathe again.

Subsequently, the boy was taken to Pinheiral Hospital, where it was found, through an X-ray, that the coin was in the throat region.

Following the diagnosis, he was transferred to Hospital São João Batista, in Volta Redonda, to have the object removed.

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*Published by Douglas Porto, with information from João Victor Azevedo

Source: CNN Brasil

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