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Rio de Janeiro: police operations in favelas generate losses of R$14 million for residents, research shows

In the Penha and Manguinhos complexes, Rio’s favelas most affected by shootings involving security agents, an estimated annual loss of R$14 million to residents as a result of police actions, according to the study by the Center for Environmental Studies Security and Citizenship (CESeC), released this Monday (18).

The research shows that, among traders and service providers in the favelas studied, the loss is R$ 2.5 million per year, which represents 34.2% of the entrepreneurs’ average revenue.

Around 87.9% of residents reported that there had been police actions in their favelas and 60.4% of residents said that they were unable to work in the 12 months prior to the survey due to this armed violence.

In addition to the financial impact, the data shows that police actions also caused a lack of electricity in 44.9% of homes in the 12 months prior to the survey, in addition to interrupting the internet and water supply for 32.1% and 17.3% of residents, respectively.

The survey also reveals that 4.8% of residents said they had been robbed or robbed during police raids.

The study “Favelas na Mira do Tiro” carried out a census with all traders and service providers in two favelas in the complex, Vila Cruzeiro and Mandela de Pedra, the most exposed to armed violence.

The result showed that 51.3% of residents reported that police actions caused the temporary closure of the establishment in the 12 months prior to the survey.

*Under the supervision of Márcia Barros

Source: CNN Brasil

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