Children’s accounts appeared in Yandex services, they will protect against shock content

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Yandex has added the ability to create children’s accounts. This initiative aims to protect the child from inappropriate content. The Russian search giant believes that in this way, children will be less likely to stumble upon profanity or an adult film.

At the moment, children’s accounts are already working in Search, Music, and other Yandex services. For example, Kinopoisk offers children only films and cartoons that are appropriate for their age, Yandex Music filters out songs with profanity, and Search and Browser remove adult content from the results.

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The company says that the ability to create such accounts will be useful for parents who have children from three to ten years old. Children show curiosity early and quickly master gadgets, so they often encounter adult content. Now you can create a children’s profile on Yandex and be calm. To do this, parents need to go to their Yandex ID and register a new account for the child. The same can be done in the “Family” section, where users add their relatives and friends. In the settings of the children’s account, parents specify the age limit for the content, subscribe and add a bank card (if desired) with a set limit. Such a card will be linked to a family group in Yandex ID.

Source: Trash Box

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