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China bans Russian-owned Boeing and Airbus aircraft

China has banned flights to the country for Russian Boeing and Airbus aircraft registered in two jurisdictions at the same time. This is what the Russian newspaper RBC writes, citing two sources.

Beijing has asked air carriers for information on Russian carriers’ aircraft to certify that they have been officially canceled abroad.

Most of the fleet of Russian airlines consists of aircraft owned by Western landlords and registered in foreign jurisdictions before March.

Since the start of Russia’s war with Ukraine, the aircraft have been virtually removed from their owners and transferred to Russian listings, while their maintenance is carried out without control by the manufacturers and the Western aviation authorities.

However, they can be removed from the old jurisdiction only with the consent of the leasing companies.

Since the end of February, Western countries have imposed a series of sanctions on the Russian aviation industry over Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The EU has banned Russian aircraft from using its airspace and has also suspended deliveries of aircraft and spare parts to the country.

Source: AMPE

Source: Capital

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