China – Coronavirus: ‘Zero’ cases in Shanghai outside quarantine centers, but lockdown continues

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“Zero covid”: Shanghai announced today that it has defeated the epidemic as no more cases are reported in the community, an announcement that provoked the ironic comments of many internet users as much of the city’s 25 million inhabitants remain in lockdown.

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China is facing the worst outbreak in two years. It is also the only large economy that remains isolated from the rest of the world due to the restrictions it has imposed on covid-19.

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In order to deal with the wave of the epidemic due to the mutated strain Omicron of the coronavirus, the Shanghai authorities imposed a strict lockdown on all the inhabitants of the city.

However, the problems faced by the residents even in their food supply caused intense dissatisfaction and indignation, while in some cases there were confrontations with the authorities.

“We have managed to reach the level of zero covid in the community in all 16 districts of Shanghai,” said today Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the city’s health services.

The approximately 1,000 new cases recorded in the previous 24 hours were all detected in quarantine centers and not in the general population.

The authorities had already announced on Sunday the “gradual” opening of the stores as early as this week, without giving any further details.

According to the town hall, only 3.8 million residents remain in a state of strict lockdown and are prohibited from leaving their apartments or apartment building.

Internet users, however, estimate that the number of residents who remain in a strict lockdown is much higher in reality.

“Are the authorities talking about another Shanghai?” One Weibo user asks.

In some areas of the city, however, it is clear that the measures have been relaxed.

Chinese media today broadcast images of a crowd queuing at one of Shanghai’s main train stations as trains resume running.

However, the residents of the city can not leave it until after obtaining a special permit and undergoing many tests for covid.

China does not seem willing to ease its policy towards covid despite the financial cost.

In Beijing, authorities are conducting daily tests on a large part of its 22 million people, who are still worried about the possibility of a severe lockdown like the one in Shanghai.

Dozens of new cases are reported daily in the Chinese capital, but authorities have already closed restaurants, bars, gyms, parks and sports centers, and imposed telework.


Source: Capital

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