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China is “sinking” at lightning speed – How the subsidence will turn it into “Atlantis”

Large levels of subsidence are showing cities in China that, if immediate measures are not taken, are at risk of turning into “Atlantis” in the coming years. Nearly half of China's major cities are experiencing “moderate to severe” levels of subsidence, putting millions of people at risk in the event of flooding, especially as sea levels rise, according to a study published in the journal Science released Friday. with a study of national satellite data released Friday. In the study published by Reuters, scientists found that 45% of China's urban land was sinking faster than 3mm per year, with 16% at a rate of more than 10mm per year, not only due to falling water levels, but also great environmental burden. With China's urban population already exceeding 900 million people, “even a small part of the receding land in China could therefore translate into a substantial threat to urban life,” said […]
Source: News Beast

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