China meets with Boeing, in sign that 737 MAX can return to flight in the country

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China’s air safety regulators met with Boeing to discuss the company’s 737 MAX, a fact that the regulator’s official media outlet said signals that the company’s model could soon return to flight after more than three years.

The Chinese Civil Aviation Administration held a review meeting last week with Boeing teams in the US and China to review pilot training protocols, CAAC News, the regulator managed media outlet, reported on Tuesday. ).

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The regulator is expected to publish a revised report on the plane once issues raised at the meeting have been resolved, the CAAC said, adding that this gives hope that the process for returning the 737 MAX to China can be completed soon. A possible timetable has not been released.

A Boeing spokesperson said the company will continue to work with global customers and regulators, including China, for the safe return of the 737 MAX around the world. At 3:42 pm (GMT), Boeing’s share rose 0.42%, against the lows seen in New York at the same time.

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China was the first country to veto the plane, in March 2019, after the second of two fatal crashes involving the 737 MAX within a half year. Since the end of 2020, the plane has resumed operations in more than 190 countries, including the US, Australia, Canada and 31 countries in Europe. China is one of the few that has not yet authorized its return.

Source: CNN Brasil

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