Rockets hit residential buildings in Kharkiv, says mayor

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Rockets hit multi-storey residential buildings in Kharkiv’s Kholodnogorsk district in the early hours of Wednesday (21), local time, Kharkiv Mayor Ihor Terekhov said in a Telegram post.

Information on victims is still being collected, Terekhov said.

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The mayor added that first responders were working to rescue several people who were trapped in one location.

the team of CNN in Kharkiv heard several loud explosions around 1:52 am local time (7:52 pm on Tuesday ET).

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Russia has decided to hold referendums in four regions of Ukraine that are occupied or partially occupied by troops from Moscow. To annex these regions – which would then be part of Russia. And any attack on them would be an attack on Russia.

The international reaction was very strong, with NATO saying that today there has been a very dangerous escalation of the military conflict.

It is the first result of the successful Ukrainian counteroffensive. It’s Russia doubling down on war.

Source: CNN Brasil

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