China Sea: the US army would equip itself with worrying suicide drones

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Uten days after the inauguration of Joe Biden, the new American government has already sent several warnings to China on its expansionism in the China Sea, region, oh so much, strategic and theater of strong tensions. And Uncle Sam could mix talk with deeds. The country would indeed be on the verge of enhancing its military arsenal of brand new suicide bombers, as our colleagues from Slate, Thursday February 4, 2021.

These high-tech boats, baptized Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessels (LRUSV) and developed by the American company Metal Shark (metallized sharks, Editor’s note), are “capable of making long journeys independently and launching roving ammunition on land or naval targets ”, develops an official document.

USA boat building company Metal Shark (Louisiana) has announced that it has won the US Marine Corps competition for the design and construction of Long Range Unmanned Surface Vessel System (LRUSV) unmanned boats (both command and autonomous) for LRUSV.

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Pack travel

Washington has long rejected Beijing’s claims on almost all of the islets and reefs of the South China Sea against the riparian countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Brunei). In the event of a conflict, the American strategy would consist in recapturing the islets by force, one by one. However, the LRUSVs, intended to travel the seas in packs, could greatly help in the accomplishment of this tactic.

However, China has not said its last word. Slate, who quotes the American monthly Popular Mechanics, recalls that the Middle Kingdom has recently developed a “drone gun” … kamikaze.

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